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Tired of the same credit card debt consolidation tips? Looking for an easier way out? Keeping reading to learn about 3 uncommon ways to consolidate your debt.

Are you like 33 percent of Americans that carry balances up to $10,000 on their credit cards? Based on recent research by Consumer Reports Magazine, almost one third of Americans have a median balance of $2,254 on their credit card. And that’s just the beginning!

Almost 13 percent of Americans carry balances over $10,000 and have a median balance of $17,366! New U.S. Census data has revealed that outstanding credit card debt was projected to rise to $897 billion in 2011.

If you are part of almost half of all Americans that carry a balance on your credit card, it may be time to consider credit card debt consolidation. By combining all credit card balances into one personal loan it’s possible to reduce credit card payments and get out of debt faster.

You are probably tired of hearing the same tips about getting out of credit card debt:

  • Develop a monthly budget
  • Always pay more than the minimum payment
  • Pay off the card with the lowest balance
  • Pay off the card with the highest interest rate
  • Get help from a credit conselor

And the list goes on and on. Are you ready for something that will help you get out of debt that’s not so painful? Here are 3 sneaky credit card debt consolidation strategies that work:

Take Advantage of Zero Percent Interest on Balance Transfers

Is it time to show your credit card companies who’s boss? There are many credit cards available on the market that offer zero percent interest on balance transfers. When signing up for a new card take advantage of the introductory period without fees or interest.

Transfer all of your outstanding credit card debt to your new card without having to pay interest on the balance. Paying off your credit card debt is easier when your entire payment goes towards principal instead of ridiculous interest rates. This debt consolidation strategy can save you thousands of dollars in interest payments if you carry a large balance like most Americans.

Use this strategy carefully and be sure to read the new credit card terms completely. Be aware of any additional fees or penalties that may come with balance transfers. Each credit card company handles balance transfers differently.

Use Peer to Peer Lending to Consolidate Debt

New technology has led to unique opportunities for consumers to get unsecured personal loans. Peer to peer lending sites like Lending Club and Prosper offer low interest personal loans to consumers with good credit. The unique advantage of social lending is that the loan is funded by individual investors rather than from a bank. Almost all of the interest paid on the loan goes directly to individuals.

Many consumers have found that credit card debt consolidation is easy with a loan from a peer to peer lending site. In fact, Lending Club has successfully loaned money to 64 percent of its qualified borrowers for credit card debt consolidation.

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Negotiate with Your Credit Card Companies

The simple fact is that credit card companies want you to pay your balance in anyway possible. If you are unable to qualify for a credit card debt consolidation loan or a low interest credit card, then it’s time to start negotiating with your credit card companies.

Begin by asking for a reduced interest rate to help you better manage your credit card debt. Also negotiate to have them remove any late fees associated with your credit card. Let your creditors know that you are working hard to repay your debt obligation and do not plan on filing for bankruptcy.

By working with your credit card companies you will be able to change your repayment terms quickly. A lower interest rate and a modified payment plan may be your key to successfully paying off your credit card balances.

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Our tips have just scratched the surface of credit card debt consolidation solutions. These should get you going in the right direction.

Take positive action today to eliminate your credit card debt.