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The Truth About Peer to Peer Lending

Why these little known P2P lending sites are changing online investing for good and how you can profit

Too good to be true?If you’re anything like me you probably want to get huge returns from your investments with minimal work. But, you may have come to realize that it’s not that easy.

There’s no silver bullet investment. But, I found a platform (peer to peer lending) that’s faster and easier than traditional online investing. I’ll tell you about it in a minute.

First, let’s see if any of this sounds familiar…

Your co-workers flaunt their bulletproof stock picks or insider information they picked up in a special white paper. If you don’t use their stock advice you’re doomed.

Invest in Gold?Or, worse yet, your colleagues may be telling you that the only safe bet right now is gold. *facepalm*

Today it seems as if everyone has their own investment tips and secret strategies. But, what do they know about stock market investing?

After all, only a small percentage of portfolio managers are able to outperform the market average each year. These are the guys that have spent decades on Wall Street mastering their craft – not your average armchair investors.

How can you get above average results without spending years on the trading floor or chasing the latest investment advice?

Thanks to Peer to Peer Lending, It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way…

I know you’re smarter than the average investor, so I’m not going to trick you into the latest get rich quick investment tactic.

However, I don’t think you should have to settle for below average results. Some of the most respected financial analysts recommend putting your portfolio into a simple index fund.

Index funds have no fees and predictable results, they say. But when you look at the numbers it’s not a very compelling argument.

Over the last 5 years the S&P 500 only returned an average of 2.2 percent to investors!

That doesn’t even beat out inflation!

And, after the financial collapse in 2008 you may still be trying to find ways to recover your lost assets fast!

Considering that the stock market lost over 38 percent of its value in 2008 – leaving millions of Americans even further from retirement – there’s a chance that it could happen again.

But when most American’s retirement was at the mercy of the stock market, thousands of investors were getting extraordinary returns from peer to peer lending sites.

Below I’m not only going to show you what they did to get huge returns with peer to peer lending but also how they did it – and more importantly – how you can too!

How These Investors Use Peer to Peer Lending For Massive Returns

During the financial collapse that sent investors running for the hills, there was a small group of savvy investors putting their money in peer to peer lending sites.

What did they see in these investments that others didn’t until recently? Huge returns!

One of these investors, Peter, blogs about his results and is getting returns of 15.87% on part of his peer to peer lending portfolio.

In addition, he’s seen $18,000 of net interest gains on all of his P2P lending investments!

To get returns like these it must be a risky investment, right?

Nope, not at all.

Every investor on their platform has experienced positive returns…

According to Prosper, one of the leading peer to peer lending companies, their data shows that every investor on their platform has experienced positive returns when properly diversified. To get these same results all you need to do is invest in 100 or more notes – that’s only a $2,500 investment!

Similar to what Peter experienced, Prosper has data to show that their investors are getting seasoned returns as high as 14.12% on high-risk loans.

Why Public Companies are Holding Your Investments Hostage and What You Can Do About It

Why are stock market investors getting such poor returns while peer to peer lending sites continue to return over 9%?

The reason is simple: stock market investors are at the mercy of big corporations and greedy CEOs.

History has shown that some of the biggest American companies have taken serious shortcuts just to show artificial earnings. And this keeps happening every quarter!

Unfortunately, these habits will never change. CEOs and Presidents will always be motivated to show growth in order to protect their jobs.

It’s truly sad that American’s retirement accounts are at the mercy of this short-term thinking.

Maybe a better place to invest your money is in your peers – hard working Americans.

Have you considered investing in your neighbors? Or, people just like you with good credit that don’t want to pay crazy interest rates?

How Your Investment Could Change Someone’s Life

Just look at some of the loans that are available from Lending Club and Prosper right now.

Borrowers all across the country are looking for financing to pay for home improvements, credit card consolidation and medical bills.

Right now about 80 percent of the borrowers that use peer to peer lending need financing to consolidate their credit card debt.

Why are these borrowers are flocking to peer to peer lending sites instead of going to their local bank?

Because they can find rates as low as 6.59% APR.

But the best part is that you can earn returns on your investment of over 12%!

What You Must Know About Lending Club and Prosper Before You Invest

You can get started with Prosper and Lending Club for as little as $25!

But, before you apply and add money to your account I want to give you one quick tip.

If you’re as excited about peer to peer lending as I am, than I want you to get started on the right foot. Don’t make the same mistakes that I did.

Instead of just playing around with the peer lending system for a few hours and forgetting about it – put some stakes in the game. Take advantage of the tax benefits and roll your IRA into a peer to peer lending investment account.

There are two primary reasons to do this. One, you will get above average results on your investment compared to a managed investment account. As I showed you earlier, some investors are seeing consistent 15% returns on their investments.

Reason number two is that these above average returns are tax sheltered. Your money will grow faster – it’s time to accelerate your retirement savings. Your financial independence starts here – what are you waiting for?

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